Memorandum of Support for S6644/A08934
Requires the NYS DEC to hold a Public Hearing in a community where an action to remove Canada Geese or Turkeys is contemplated. It would limit the number of permits the DEC may give out, mandate that humane alternatives be provided, and prevent carcasses from such a removal from being turned over to food pantries for human consumption.


Removing geese or turkeys from an area where they are established is a major impact on the fauna of the area. The residents of the area should be informed of any such contemplated action, since it will affect their neighborhood. This bill would require a public hearing in the municipalities and counties where such an action is contemplated, and a permit from the DEC has been applied for. The neighbors should have an opportunity to question the need and advisability for such an action and the applicant will have an opportunity to defend and justify this action


Geese and Turkeys from areas near human residences frequently feed on lawns and and grassy areas, such as public parks that have been treated with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  These toxins are not eliminated by the geese and turkeys as part of their normal digestive process. These toxins accumulate in muscle-tissue of the birds. and would be passed on to the recipients of the flesh from those birds as food. This could contribute major illness for those recipients.


New York must not accept killing wildlife gratuitously nor feeding contaminated food to shelter residents.


LOHV-NYS speaks for millions of humane New Yorkers who would want to treat wildlife and people humanely.


Peter Muller



The League of Humane Voters of New York


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