Help the Wildlife Killing Contest Ban Become Law!



Hooray for Assembly Member Deborah Glick and Senator Monica Martinez for boldly crafting a comprehensive bill (A722, S4253) that will, once and for all, put an end to outrageous WILDLIFE KILLING CONTESTS! 

Often sponsored by bars, individuals participate to see who can kill the MOST, LARGEST, or HEAVIEST of an unprotected wild animal species. The well-known contests are those in which crows, coyotes, and squirrels are killed, but there are many other unprotected species such as raccoons, bobcats, skunks, and opossums. 

The time has come for these barbaric contests to end. The reasons are many:

Killing contests actually INCREASE the populations that they falsely claim are being reduced. This is how: There's a phenomenon called Compensatory Rebound, and it works this way: when a population is suddenly reduced, the remaining individuals have more food availability, are consequently healthier and more fertile.  Births are increased and quickly fill the niches left by the killing.

Lead from shot and bullets is concentrated in the fields and forests and leach into the soil and aquifers supplying water to wild animals and people as well. 

Other animals that eat left over carcasses are lead-poisoned, as reported by wildlife rehabilitators. If pet dogs find the carcasses, they will also be poisoned by ingesting lead bullets or shot.

It sends a bad message to young participants that teaches that wild animals' lives are worthless, and killing is fun.

While a few NYS legislators who may participate in these contests, or represent those who do, complain that a lifestyle is being imposed upon, we respond by saying that our lives and the lives of wild animals have been imposed upon for too many years by those who have little regard for individual wild animals and even species. It's high time for this activity to become illegal. Such shocking disrespect for wild animals will no longer be tolerated by the public and belongs in the dustbin of history.

Send your support and encouraging letters to:

Assembly Member Glick

Senator Martinez  

Assembly Member Englebright (Chair of the Encon Committee in the Assembly) Senator Kaminsky (Chair of the Encon Committee in the Senate) . 


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