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News: July 22, 2019, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed A1303B/S5532B into law,

making New York State the first state in the country to ban the surgical declawing of felines.

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League of Humane Voters®/NY's


2020 Agenda: click on this document. 




Memos of Support:

1. Ban Horse Slaughter - S7719/A9989

2. Pet Store Puppy Mill - S4234/A6298

3. Rodeo Ban - S7971/A8554

4. Killing Contests I - S7542/A722B

5. Killing Contests II - S4253B/A9775

6. Prohibiting the use of leg-gripping traps - S7550/A8733

7. Shelter Bill - S3411A/A4245A

8. Live Animal Markets Ban - A10399/S8291

9. Endangered and Threatened Species List - A4077A/S8750



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Mission Statement of the League of Humane Voters®

The Mission of the League of Humane Voters® (LOHV®) is to create, unite, and strengthen local political action committees, which work to enact animal-friendly legislation and elect candidates for public office who will use their votes and influence for animal protection.